Our Vision

An Urban Village in the heart of East New York

A sustainable, diverse neighborhood relies on its community to ensure each member is afforded with the opportunity and support necessary for consistent, equitable growth. Envisioned for the existing 11-acre campus of the Christian Cultural Center, the existing facility will be supplemented with new income-based affordable housing along with numerous purpose-built community services that abide by the guiding principles of providing civic, spiritual, educational, cultural and economic opportunities.


Elements of Innovative Urban Living


Income-based Affordable Housing

The housing program will focus on income-based affordable housing and will include:

  • Approximately 2,100 income-based affordable housing units across 9 buildings

  • Income bands ranging from very low to middle income

  • Senior and supportive housing components

  • More information here


Community Facilities

Community support services and facilities will create a more supportive, community-focused environment, and will consist of potential uses such as:

  • 24/7 childcare

  • Senior citizen programming

  • Walk in medical services

  • Community gathering spaces

  • Local non-profit incubation center



Our vision for an Urban Village calls for enhanced economic opportunity through education, and will provide:

  • Primary and secondary education

  • Vocational training and career trajectory counseling

  • Continuing education for seniors


Neighborhood Retail

Our vision is to enliven the neighborhood’s streetscapes with necessary shops, dining options and destinations that a community relies on, such as:

  • Fresh grocery store

  • Small-format, local shops

  • Walkable and easily accessible retail


Culture & Arts

Anchored by the existing Christian Cultural Center and with the addition of a new Performing Arts Center, the new development will be a Cultural Hub within the Community. Cultural enhancements will include:

  • A brand new Performing Arts Center for theatre, dance, music, film, lectures and panel discussions reflecting the local community

  • A public community gathering space and a centrally located publicly accessible plaza


Green Living

Sustainable design principles with adherence to Enterprise Green Community Standards, including:

  • Accessible green rooftops

  • Publicly accessible campus quad

  • Recreational outdoor athletic space

  • New community playground


Next Steps